Monique Maxwell


The idea

We all see dozens of self-help messages these days. Some resonate. Some we never give a
second thought to. One stopped me in my tracks: “Take the Leap.”

For more than 26 years, I have been teaching yoga. Much of that time, I helped students overcome their own fears. I don’t know why that simple, easily overlooked self-help message broke through that day. But it did. And it was time for me to move past my own fears and…take the leap.

So here it is: My dream is to CREATE CHANGE
one shirt, one hat, one hoodie, one something
at a time - each with its own provocative message
not just for the wearer but, more importantly, for
the world.

I don’t just want people to espouse change.
I want them to embody it.

Monique Maxwell, founder